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Alpine have three exclusive
Swim Spa designs.

The Alpine Endeavour Swim Spa
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The Alpine Calypso Swim Spa
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The Alpine Resort Twin Swim Spa
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What is a swim spa?

With all the benefits of a normal spa, a Swim Spa offers you much more. Not just built for relaxing and having fun, our Swim spas range is a great way to exercise and keep fit. Enjoy the relaxing, invigorating benefits of a luxury hot spa pool or switch on the powerful swim jets and enjoy the low impact workout by swimming or walking on the spot against the powerful jets.  Our Swim Spas simulate an Olympic size swimming pool just outside your back door. A Swim Spa can be used all year.

Alpine Swim Spas are available in many colours and feature smooth finishes, rounded edges, non-slip surfaces, roomy foot wells and a built in skimmer box for more efficient filtering and vacuuming.

How do they work?

Water is circulated into the pool through fully adjustable jet nozzles which you can set to release a concentrated jet of water or a broad stream of surf. A volume regulator permits sensitive water pressure adjustment suitable for kids paddling, lap swimming exercise or effective stroke training.

What is the Alpine range of swim spas made from?

Made from high quality Aquaguard Gel coats with vinyl ester, a resin/glass laminate will provide the best possible spa that money can buy. All made from durable fibreglass, they have a constant 5mm thickness.


Our professional team can install your Swim Spa quickly with minimal interruption to you or your yard. Installation includes spa and equipment delivery to your site, excavation to 450mm out of ground, plumbing and fitting of spa with placement of washed sand around spa shell and all necessary pipes and fittings. Equipment will be set on pre cast concrete slabs. We provide complete handover advising use of spa and water treatment.

What do you need to do?

Once letting Alpine know you want to install one of our Swim Spa range, we will require a 10% deposit to schedule in your job. You will need to organise a permit from your local authority/council. We can arrange this on your behalf at an extra handling cost. Once permits are approved, installation takes approximately 3-4 weeks, dependant on the weather and other external factors. Alpine will provide Builders Warranty Insurance, which is a legal requirement for any job over $12,000. The cost for this will be around the same as a Permit. You will also need to organise your own gas and electrical fittings and connections. Our staff can advise you of when and where this is required.

A great way to exercise to keep fit and healthy.

Variables - some options to consider


All Alpine Swim Spas are available in a range of colour finishes – see our display centre for the latest available colours. The surface is Gelcoat which exhibits outstanding weather resilience, including UV, water and fade resistance.

Culture finish gel coats

At an extra cost, culture finish gel coats provide a different look to plain gelcoat colours, with flecks that can enhance the colour and look of the interior.

Underwater light and transformer

Adding ambiance and making your Spa an attractive feature in your yard, lights come in colours and rims to match with optional remote controls. Sleek, modern and powerful, worth considering when ordering your spa.

Silenced blower

Reduces 85% of normal blower noise.


For safety and heat retention, spa covers also reduce maintenance on your spa by keeping it clean. Covers also reduce evaporation. A variety of colours and options available

Time Clock

Makes everyday filtering worry free, time clocks come with an air switch over ride.

Bromine feeder

To automate the sanitisation of your spa.

Ozone generator

Helps keep your water natural!  Reduces chlorine use and minimises the bromine levels required for daily sanitation to keep your spa clean and healthy.

Skip hire

If you are not planning to re-use the soil that will be excavated for your Spa, we suggest you hire a skip. We can arrange this for you and fill it as we go.

Paving, decking, landscaping and fencing

To complete your project, we can assist. Ask us for a quote.

Service and pool shop

On handover of your spa you will be offered chemicals to purchase. We offer complete after sales and service maintenance. We also do free water analysis and provide advice to help you enjoy a happy and healthy spa environment.

The spas and swim spas Alpine use are all Australian made using Australian materials. All designs shown are exclusive to Alpine Pools & Spas.

For facts about spa maintenance click here


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