Our renovations will guarantee you new swimming pool

Tired, old and run down pools can be given a new lease of life with Alpine’s Pool Renovation Service. Alpine have extensive experience
in renovating pools and their environment, having completed
thousands of pools over the 36 years of business.

Alpine can even change
the shape or dimensions of your existing pool. Alpine will advise you of what is required to get your pool looking great again. This may be that the
pool needs a new interior
only or the waterline tiles
may need replacing.


A lot of older pools have painted or marble sheen surfaces which can deteriorate over time. The most commonly used interior for pools today is a quartz render finish or fine one millimetre pebble, both available in a wide range of colours. The most common colours used today are variations of blues, greens, gold or white or fully tiled.

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Paving and retaining walls

Tired and cracked paving can be an eye-sore and detract from the look and usability of your pool environment. In some cases the pool beam or coping around the pool may need to be removed or replaced.


Water fall features, retaining walls, gazebos, new fencing and surroundings can make a huge difference to the look
of your outdoor entertaining area.

Pool fill-ins

Reclaim your backyard. Unwanted pools can be easily filled in by us quickly and easily. The existing pool will be broken up to allow for natural drainage and under-pool pressure. It can then be filled with clean fill or packing sand if the area is to be used for paving or building over. We can also remove other paved areas and walkways.

Other ideas for your old pool

Pools can also be shortened or converted to swim
spas with sections removed.

Make your old pool into a water
storage tank

Alpine can convert your old pool into a water tank by building a concrete lids over all or part of your existing swimming pool, which can then be paved or grassed over, reclaiming the space for your backyard.

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